Attended Ceremony:

  • Family and/or friends accompany the remains aboard the vessel to the scattering site.
  • Our main boat can take 6 passengers and is berthed at "The Dana" resort in Mission Bay San Diego.
  • Time from departure to return to the dock, lasts usually about one hour, including the memorial ceremony.
  • The trip is for you and can be customized as you would like.
  • I prepare a basket for the remains and cover them with flowers (so the wind doesn't blow them all). After the ashes are lowered by a line, the flowers then float on the water giving the ceremony a beautiful effect.
  • The exact coordinates of the scattering site will be provided in case a revisit is desired.
  • All inclusive price for a local scattering of 6 passengers or less is $415.
  • We can accommodate groups up to 35 people, please call for pricing.
  • We do not need the release form filled out if you are attending the scattering.
  • It is nice to have, but not necessary to have a copy of the "Disposition of Cremated Remains" (this is given to you by the mortuary or funeral home). The disposition should read in the scattering box: (see example of County form)
  • Please call us concerning the appropriate permits.

Ashes scattering San Diego